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Update my website

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We are experts in updating WordPress websites

We suggest that customers spend your time at your best, managing your business.

24cms.com is experts in updating and editing WordPress websites and therefore we offer primarily full service solutions. We believe it is better that we provide for updating of the customer's websites, rather than the customer's own. It is about doing the best and we are updating quickly and safely.

A customer's website will be updated within 24 hours of receiving material. If a customer wants to update his website himself, of course it is also possible.

General requirements for sending material for updating websites

Use these formats when sending texts

PDF, Open Office Writter, Microsoft Word, Notepad, etc.

Use these formats when sending pictures

.jpg, .gif, .png, etc.

Methods for sending smaller or larger files

Note: Please describe the assignment that you want done when you submit content for updating your website

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