Rent a Programmer

Rent highly-qualified programmers for IT project development

Rent a programmer

Programmers you can rent

Take control of your own IT solution?

If you want to develop your own IT solution, you can hire a programmer for your own project. However, please note that we only offer "rent a programmer" on a monthly basis.

You will of course get direct access to your "programmer" through eg. phone, messenger, skype or any other communication you may prefer.

- Rates may vary according to required IT qualifications.

General information about "rent a programmer"

IT Qualifications

Programmers with 2-3 years experience or minimum 5+ years experience


The price varies depending on the desired programming language

Working hours

Work is done between 9 and 17, with a minimum of 6 hours of programming


You will have direct access to your programmer, using IP phone, etc.

Note: Here is a small list of standard programming. If you need special programming, please contact us.

  • WordPress developer
  • PHP programmer
  • Java programmer
  • HTML programmer
  • Front-end developer
  • Ruby on rails
  • SQL
  • Python

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