Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of trade per. January 1, 2024 for 24 Creative Media Solutions Inc. hereinafter referred to as 24cms.com

1. Application
These terms and conditions are applied in all relations between 24cms.com and the customer, unless otherwise agreed in writing. 24cms.com only provides solutions to traders, public authorities, associations and associations, etc.

2. Products
Terms of trade include websites. combined with an email solution (hereinafter referred to as a webhotel including support agreement), other services / products related to website such as Webshop, Online Marketing, Graphics & Logo Design, and more are separate and therefore not included of an internet hotel incl. support agreement.

3. Conclusion of the agreement
The agreement between the parties is made in writing, either by a signed paper contract or through acceptance of the agreement by email correspondence.

The customer is obliged to provide all relevant material for the preparation of a website etc. within 14 days of the conclusion of the agreement.

24cms.com reserves the right to create a temporary website, provided that relevant material has not been submitted within 14 days of the date of the agreement. It will then be granted up to 30 working days from the invoice date to any corrections and so forth.

24cms.com reserves the right NOT to accept a task if this against expectations appears to be too extensive. In such cases, the customer will not be billed.

Upon conclusion of the agreement, the customer undertakes to provide the correct name, address, zip code, telephone number, Business licence number and email address, if any. 24cms.com undertakes to treat all customer information strictly confidential.

24cms.com reserves the right to use the work performed as a reference for sales and marketing purposes. 24cms.com is entitled to pass required information to official names, eg. whois websites.

The agreement period for the appointment of the webhotel (start date and expiry date) will be shown on the annual invoice submitted.

4. Termination
The agreement is valid for the number of months stated on the confirmation. The agreement will continue automatically with a 12-month extension. The extension will take place if 24cms.com has not received a timely written notice unless otherwise agreed in writing.

If the customer wishes to terminate the agreement, this must be done per. e-mail (info@24cms.com) or pr. recommended letter no later than three months before the expiration of a contract period, unless otherwise stated in the written agreement.

Any prepaid amount will not be refunded. Upon termination, update module and / or, developed systems will not be included in a new web hosting provider, as all developed systems are protected by copyrights.

24cms.com can not be held responsible for the use of images and graphic elements after termination and relocation of a website.

If 24cms.com wishes to terminate any special agreements or special services, 24cms.com may terminate these agreements. Prepaid amount will be repaid in such situations. From 24cms.com, agreements can be terminated at any time with one month's notice. Moving a domain to another provider will close / close all services associated with that domain. If the customer wishes to retain one or more services / services, this must be notified in writing to 24cms.com no later than one week before moving. In this case, the agreement will continue at unchanged price with the agreed services / services.

5. Domain
It is the customer's responsibility to secure a legal domain name for the use of the website. If the customer has not secured a domain name, 24cms.com may by agreement assist the customer with registration of a domain name for use for the current or future website (s). 24cms.com then acts as an intermediary only in connection with the acquisition and maintenance, while the registration itself and the use of the domain are done on the customer's responsibility and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the name authority / provider of the domain. It is the customer's responsibility to pay maintenance taxes, etc. to the provider (eg WhoIs websites) to ensure domain maintenance.

6. Enabling web hosting
The website created by 24cms.com is initially coughed on a test server or subdomain. Activation will only take place after the customer's written approval of the delivered design. Upon activation, the domain name of the customer in question will have a webhotel incl. support agreement to, shortly after pointing to that website.

7. Materials for use in design and the like
Materials submitted or submitted by the customer for the purpose of compiling a website or other products from 24cms.com, are disposed of or deleted after two to three months.

24cms.com can not be held liable for materials damaged or disposed of while in 24cms.com's custody. 24cms.com recommends that the customer either keep copies, or submit / deliver copies to 24cms.com.

The customer is encouraged to make his own backup of material before disclosure to 24cms.com so that the customer does not suffer from any loss.

8. Particularly large amounts of data etc.
A webhosting incl. support agreement includes access to store a certain amount of data and data files regarding the customer's webhotel incl. support agreement on 24cms.com's server. There is no payment for traffic to the customer's website (s). It is not allowed for customers to have large files of files that can be downloaded for free by others, including shareware and music files (eg MP3). 24cms.com may at any time and without notice set limits for data quantities for each web hosting hosted on 24cms.com's servers. Additional space on 24cms.com's servers may be obtained at any additional cost by contacting 24cms.com.

Only by extreme extra traffic to the customer's website, 24cms.com will contact the customer. There will be no extra bills on traffic, but 24cms.com reserves the right at all times to terminate customers with a particularly high traffic volume. 

9. Scope of the agreement 
24cms.com stands for hosting of the customer's website. During the term of the agreement, 24cms.com makes free of charge graphic adjustments on the website as requested by the customer, and updates the website by inserting written material and images submitted by the customer. Corrections and updates are made as soon as possible after the customer's inquiry.

24cms.com also provides free advice to the customer about how it can put products, text and pictures, etc. in via the WordPress CMS update module.

24cms.com does not offer customers full FTP access.

9.1 Regarding email service
24cms.com provides support in case of connection problems in Outlook (general email setup); troubleshooting incoming and outgoing e-mails, etc.

When setting up new accounts, 24cms.com ONLY provides support to customers who have already installed Outlook on their computer (either in Danish or English).

9.2 Especially regarding 24cms.com e-mail
Der By default, 1 GB is available for each email account. Maximum size of an email that can be sent or received is 30 MB.

Maximum number of emails that can be sent daily from an account is 300.

9.3 Especially regarding webshop solutions
24cms.com does not provide graphic elements on WebShop solutions, as an automatic part of the associated support agreement. If corrections can not be made using WooCommerce or PrestaShop's own CMS / editorsystems, corrections are considered to be of a graphic nature, which are not covered by the agreement.

24cms.com provides telephone support on Woo Commerce and / or PrestaShop WebShop's, on how the customer can insert texts and images.

10. Violation
The customer undertakes to comply with the law. In case of abuse of the subscription / agreement, including unethical behavior on the web, the webhotel will be temporarily canceled. Reopening occurs only when 24cms.com has ensured that repetitions will not happen anymore. 

Abuse after this may result in termination of agreement without further notice. When creating a domain name, the customer claims that the person has the right to that name and the customer waives 24cms.com for any liability that may result from the customer's creation or use of domain name violating the rights of others, including trademark rights. Racist, Pornographic, and otherwise infringing or illegal material (images, music, etc., which are not subject to due diligence), or any other unethical content may not be found on 24cms.com's servers.

It is solely the responsibility of the customer that the selected domain name as well as content on the website, domain name and any links in search engines (eg in Google) etc. Do not violate any third party's laws or regulations, and that the use of the website is legal and not used for, for example, the sending of SPAM.

24cms.com reserves the right to terminate access to a website or e-mail system without notice, if this is not the case, as it reserves the right to close a website containing smear campaigns.

When closing online services due to the distribution of SPAM and the like, there is no possibility of repayment of subscription. Reactivation of website, etc. Only happens when the customer has documented that all content is fully legal. 

In case of default, the customer is liable for damages to 24cms.com in accordance with international law. 

11. Address changes and other changes in customer relationship
If the customer moves or changes company information, including eg phone number or e-mail address, the customer must promptly give 24cms.com a written notice about this. 

12. Disclaimer
24cms.com or damage attributable to 24cms.com's suppliers or other third parties. 24cms.com reserves the right to repair, perform maintenance or the like, with a shutdown as a result. In such cases, 24cms.com aims to notify prior to shutdown at www.24cms.com or per. mail.

24cms.com can redirect a domain by entering into or terminating an agreement on the production of a website. In connection with the redelivery of a domain name, 24cms.com disclaims any liability for loss or damage. This also applies to any mail accounts as well as in cases where the customer has his own mail server and, in this context, interference with mail or webhotel occurs. support agreement.

24cms.com does not provide support or responsibility for any problems encountered on the customer's own mail server by transfer a domain name.  

12.1 Delay
24cms.com disclaims any liability for any delays. 

12.2 Product liability
24cms.com disclaims liability for operating loss, lost earnings or other direct or indirect loss. Customer can not continue any third party's claims against 24cms.com.

24cms.com is not responsible for data or e-mails located at the customer's webhotel incl. support agreement. The customer is encouraged to make continuous backup them self

12.3 Error in entering
24cms.com disclaims any liability for loss and damage as a result of errors entered by the customer or by 24cms.com. 

12.4 Force Majeure 
24cms.com disclaims responsibility for force majeure conditions. That is, conditions that are beyond 24cms.com's control and, as 24cms.com, could not have been taken into consideration when entering into an agreement. 

12.5 Webshop 
24cms.com is not required to recreate a webshop backup for errors resulting from customer's own changes. If a customer has deleted all or part of his items in the webshop, it costs $ 1,000 to recover data. Full recovery of lost data can not be guaranteed.

13. Copyright
24cms.com has copyrights for web hosting. The graphical layout of the website and all the related modules is not necessarily, but may be intellectual copyright.  

14. Special programming 
24cms.com can by agreement perform special programming for the customer.

15. Billing
24cms.com reserves the right to make invoice when delivery of delivery has been made. Delivery is deemed to have been made after approval of the submitted layout.

16. Prices & Payment Terms 
All prices are excl. VAT. webhotel incl. support agreement, payable in advance according to the agreed period stated on the confirmation. 24cms.com reserves the right to invoice up to two months before expiration of an internet hotel incl. support agreement, as space must be reserved for servers for the coming period. The agreement period is shown in the invoice sent.

A late payment will be charged a compensation amount of 2 EURO as well as a reimbursement fee of EURO 15 per person. demand letter. Two reminders are made at least 10 days apart. Then a payment order is sent. If payment has not been received by 24cms.com after ten days from the date of entry, 24cms.com will reserve the right to surrender the third party balance in connection with collection.

At any delay in the payment, 24cms.com reserves the right to close access to both website and email until 24cms.com's full payment is paid. In case of trade with companies in the EU where 24cms.com does not charge VAT, the customer is obliged to provide a valid VAT number to 24cms.com for reasons of legislation that requires listing to authorities regarding sales without VAT .

If 24cms.com is subject to VAT settlement due to a VAT number invalid or incorrect, 24cms.com reserves the right to re-invoice this expense.

17. Jurisdiction
Any disputes between the parties will be settled in a court of law.

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