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We prefer Woo Commerce & PrestaShop e-commerce platforms

Professional webshop

Get a webshop that fits your concept

24cms.com offers WooCommerce or PrestaShop solutions, which covers most customers' needs. We have as a starting point for these 2 webshops, chosen to focus on presenting customers' products/services in a beautiful and aesthetic way.

These webshops have a wealth of options built-in, so you need special features, so let us know what you want and we may be able to customize the webshop to suit your needs. You may be required to pay an additional fee for special fixes, but you will first be informed of the amount of this additional charge, which of course you must accept before the service is made.

We prefer these 2 webshops

Our webshops are either WooCommerce or PrestaShop solutions

Great presentation of your items

These webshops have image galleries that can be adapted to various special needs.

Use banner sliders as ads

We use banner sliders that can be customized to any webshop. From top banners to small ad banners

Create unique payment options

Currencies, product price calculations and individual payment options, credit cards, etc.

Standard features in WooCommerce and PrestaShop solutions

  • Search engine friendly
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Email marketing/newsletter
  • Secure credit card transaction
  • Accepting credit cards & PayPal
  • Payment gateway supported
  • Multi functionalities
  • Mobile friendly
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy order completion
  • Product & inventory management
  • Customer purchasing history

Note: There are many more functionalities available if special needs arise.

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